Friday, August 07, 2009

"Free" ObamaCare: Spin, Lies, and WISPIRG, Too

Yes, the ObamaBots are lying. But hey! It's artful lying. So it doesn't count as lies, right?

In a July 26 letter, CBO director Douglas Elmendorf notes that the net costs of new spending will increase at more than 8% per year between 2019 and 2029, while new revenue would only grow at about 5%. "In sum," he writes, "relative to current law, the proposal would probably generate substantial increases in federal budget deficits during the decade beyond the current 10-year budget window."

So the mind-numbed ObamaBots are emitting gaseous matter telling us that 'it does not increase the deficit.'

They 'forgot' to add "....yet."

That is a variant on the propaganda thrown against the wall by "WISPIRG," another group of liars-with-stationery. Here's the lede:

Health care reform might cost $1 trillion, but it can ultimately save the nation $3 trillion, with billions of dollars of benefits for every state in the union, including $54.5 billion in Wisconsin

The verb "can" actually means "might." As in Maybe, Kinda, Sorta, IftheToothFairyShows, get the idea.

Sure. Medicare, Medicaid, Clunkers, Social Security, .....all neatly within projections, just like Obama's $Bazillion deficit/national debt adds.

Did anyone mention Obama's "4% annual growth in GDP" projection?

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