Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cookie Crumbling: ObamaCare


First Sarah Palin ensures that the "kill Granny" clause was removed.

Now the "unruly mob-like Nazi gangster crowds" have forced a semi-removal of "Gummint Option."

Bowing to Republican pressure, President Barack Obama's administration signaled on Sunday it is ready to abandon the idea of giving Americans the option of government-run insurance as part of a new U.S. health care system.

Facing mounting opposition to the overhaul, administration officials left open the chance for a compromise with Republicans that would include health insurance cooperatives instead of a government-run plan --AP

But Clinton taught us a lot, Obama. Until Clinton, the term "parsing" was used only by grammar-arcana-lovers.

We'll be very interested in how you parse "co-ops." Frankly, I smell the same rat as GummintOption; just a few yards further away in the sewer.


Anonymous said...

You don't have to look too far to "parse 'co-ops'," DaddyZero. Take a look at the Group Health Cooperatives operating for years in both Dane County and Eau Claire. Each gets very high marks in the annual rankings of patient satisfaction with HMOs. Not a new concept, and something which has worked successfully in two diverse markets in Wisconsin for decade.

Obviously this is a "communist" enterprise. Before that thought passes through the pea-brain, DaddyZero, consider this fact: Former right-wing State Senator Margaret Farrow's son Peter Farrow is the CEO of the Eau Claire GHC.

Happy to relieve you of a small portion of your ignorance, DaddyZero. It would be a full time job to attack the balance!


Eau Claire:

Dad29 said...


Yah, I knew about both of them, AND the payment-method at Marshfield and Mayo.

But those co-ops are NOT ObamaCo-ops, are they?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you do a little more research before you pound the keyboard?

Dad29 said...

Start your own blog, twerp.

I'll repeat the question for you:

Those co-ops are not ObamaCare co-ops, are they?

Bold letters for ease-of-reading.

Answer the question, twerp.

Anonymous said...

Listen, Dip-Stick, no one will know until we see the language.

Why don't you do a little research? You "knew about both of them" (hah!) but they appparently weren't front-and-center in the pea brain before you mounted the keyboard.

Congratulations on your Densa membership.

Deekaman said...

Insults from the Left. Good.

We killed Obamacare. We'll kill obama co-ops, too. he's for single-payer. He's said so many times. As we have seen for 50 years, the Left never stops. Co-ops are just another incremental step.

Anonymous said...

Dunce-a-man: What is wrong with the Group Health Cooperatives operating in Dane County and in Eau Claire? Thirty-plus years using the co-op model, and one of them is run by former wingnut Sen. Margaret Farrow's son. Is he part of the "incremental step" toward single payer? At some point you nut-jobs are going to have to put down the Kool-Aid and start thinking rationally. At least one can hope that you dunces are capable of rational thought.

Deekaman said...

You aren't as smart as you think you are, anon. If you were, you wouldn't need to stoop to name-calling.I wasn't referring to the Dane and Eau Claire co-ops, but you didn't bother to read my post.

It must be miserable to be alone with your hate.

Oh, and anyone who thinks government is the answer? they're the ones with the kool-aid.

Anonymous said...

But what if the "Obama co-ops" mirror the model which has been working here in Wisconsin for 30+ years? How do you know that this isn't the path people are advocating?

I don't believe that you are as dumb as you folks are acting here. It wouldn't be possible.

Deekaman said...

We're not dumb. That's why we want details before we let more government into our lives.

I'm not sure I care what a Federal plan is modeled on. It's not necessary. Tweak the system. Get control over tort. Force providers to tell me, up front, what I'm paying. Give me the opportunity to buy insurance from whomever I choose.

Not that hard.

Dad29 said...

For that matter, let me buy a plan that does not provide abortions, or artificial contraception, or Viagra.

No chiropractics, either. Lotsa ways to get costs down!

Dan said...

When I was in Madison, I had Group Health Cooperative and it really wasn't that great. While it cost a little cheaper, the service was also crappy. Longer waits, a pain to go out of service and referals were the biggest pain.
As a part time job, I worked for a temp agency processing claims and they denied claims for a variety reasons- mostly because the claims were not part of the contract the people signed.

Anonymous said...

Well, Dan, your opinion is distinctly in the minority. Check out the US News & World Report survey of commercial health plans which ranked GHC Madison as the 8th best commercial health plan in America in November, 2008.

"The 20 healthcare plans on this elite list outperformed hundreds of others.

"The Honor Roll recognizes the very best of the hundreds of commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid managed-care plans reviewed for this year's U.S. News health plan rankings. Plans were scored from 0 to 100 based on data collected and analyzed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance, managed care's major accrediting and standards-setting body."

J. Strupp said...

Regarding your comment:

"First Sarah Palin ensures that the "kill Granny" clause was removed."

Yeah and I see that the "kill granny" lies were, indeed...complete lies. Surprise, surprise:

But the retraction by Grassley was buried by the MSM this weekend as usual. Why? Because bullshit talks when there are people around who will listen to it.

If you don't like ObamaCare folks....fine. But quit believing manufactured nonsense. Do your own thinking.

krshorewood said...

For the time being, looks like the health insurance companies own us, though this pleases some of you profit puppets.

Deekaman said...

Yes. Because socialism has worked so well everywhere else. Everyone in countries that outlaw private profit fare so much better.

Seriously, kr?