Sunday, August 16, 2009

How Much More Will House Dems Take?

Ace/DrewM makes an interesting observation.

Also fun...the rift between the House and Senate Democrats. After walking the plank on Cap and Trade only to see the Senate walk away, House Democrats can't be too happy with their colleagues in 'the other body' for not being able to get this done, despite having 60 votes.

Umnnnhhhhh....actually, I suspect that the House Democrats are far more PO'd at QueenNancy and Hoyer than at the Senate Dems. They took a couple of large risks with Porkulus and Cap-n-Tax at the behest of that dragonlady and her assistant Igor, and there they are: sitting ducks come 11/2010.

Meantime, the Senate (D)'s won't touch Cap-n-Tax, have taken out 2 odious provisions on ObamaCare ('grannykilling' and the public option), and Conrad also stated today that there will be NO taxpayer funding of abortion in the Senate ObamaCare bill.

So that makes 3 odious provisions.

S'pose the House Dems will now pass Immigration Reform and big new tax measures?

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Billiam said...

Just wait. The Obamabudget waits on the horizon. It's a monster!