Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ace: It's Over, and The Socialists Will Win

Maybe Ace is a pessimist.

...The Democrats know two things: 1, this is their last, best opportunity to socialize the health system, and they will not let this moment pass unless the consequences for going full-retard are politically catastrophic. A lot of Blue Dogs can be bought off, and not just with pork: Promises (illegal as hell) can be made that anyone who loses his seat due to his vote can be set up in style as a top lobbyist...

...for wavering Democrats, this is a lose-lose proposition. They can either lose the moderates and independents, or they can lose their base. Both are critical. Many Democrats, even the Blue Dogs are hopes are pinned on, will likely decide that if they're going to lose a critical bloc of voters, they might as well "do the right thing" and commit America to the grueling misery of socialism before they're out the door

(a position with which Kagen would be very comfortable, I think.)

The genesis of the post was the news that "doing nothing" is better to 54% of the country than "passing Obamacare." Ace would prefer 60%++ to 54%.

Umnnnhhhh...wait a couple of weeks--or until SarahCuda unleashes her next observation.

But whatever you do, do NOT wait for the U S Bishops to call a major-league press conference and denounce, forcefully, the Aborto-Enablement of ObamaCare.

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