Saturday, August 15, 2009

Your Government: "Best and Brightest" Researchers

Recalling that Obamamama has plans for your healthcare, it's useful to study the "Best and Brightest" currently employed by the Feds in other Cabinet-level departments.

Somebody did that for us!

[R]emember that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) "report" warning of the danger of domestic terrorist attacks by right-wing extremists? With only a few exceptions, major mainstream media outlets uncritically repeated the report's assertions, which were allegedly based on credible intelligence from official sources.

It was left to a conservative non-profit, Americans for Limited Government (ALG), to file a Freedom of Information Act request for the documentation used by DHS to prepare the report. And guess what ALG found? Instead of intelligence reports, DHS used unverified allegations and speculations it found on the internet.

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano's researchers liked one particularly apocalyptic web site so much that they cited it 11 times in their report. This site - called "What It Means" - often warns that the world is about to end, as with this recent headline: "Death Star Pandemic of 2009-2012: End of Age Begins." --quoted in Moonbattery.

Yes, indeedy! What with "Death Panels" and all, and a New Age ushered in with HopeyChangey himself, it's obvious that the "best and brightest" were absolutely correct in using that website as a foundation for slandering veterans, gun-owners, and bible-thumpers.

Any fool can plainly see that the website is propetic!

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