Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Have a 12ga Serving of #4 Shot, Please!"

The NY DA hasn't made up his/her mind about charging Gus.

...The thugs entered a world of hurt when they barged into Augusto's Harlem restaurant-supply shop, Kaplan Bros. Blue Flame Corp., Thursday afternoon, pulling out a 9mm pistol and pistol-whipping an employee as they demanded cash.

"I told them there wasn't any money. 'Take your gun, put it in your pocket, and go home.' They had a chance to leave," Augusto said.

But they didn't listen.

So Augusto, 72 -- known to most as "Gus" -- channeled his inner Dirty Harry and pulled out the Remington shotgun he had hidden under his desk for 20 years. He opened fire three times, peppering all four men with buckshot. "I did what I had to do," he said. "It wasn't my choice; it was their choice."

For some unknown reason, the employee who was assaulted (J.B.) remains PO'd.

Augusto and his employees tried to get back to business as usual yesterday, although it wasn't easy.

When a woman came to place a candle outside the shop, J.B. angrily kicked it across the pavement.

"Who's this for?" he demanded of the startled woman. "For the guy who died? F- - - him!"

Ummmmnnnn---that would be necrophilia.

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Dan said...

Of course, the anti-gun nuts will have a problem with this.
Thought it was strange that the lady was putting down the candle for the thug in front of th store that he had tried to rob. But then you think of the culture where the dead thug came from, it really is not surprising.