Saturday, November 01, 2008

Stuff I Notice at Football Games: BCHS v. Hamilton

Since I have ZERO healthy habits and my knowledge of football is limited to having watched a helluvalotta games (usually from the recliner), I can only tell you what is easily noticed. (This ain't gonna be a dissertation on blocking mechanics Level 400, folks.)

So I cruise over to the local regional champ game between Hamilton and Bfld. Central. I pay attention to the linebackers on the Central team, because my attention has been directed there in the time-honored way: a daughter likes one of the LBs. That's technical, no?

When I arrived, the subject of my daughter's attentions was playing OLB/right. The Hamilton team did not gain any big yardage running toward his side of the field. Hmmmm. In fact, they ran the ball to the OTHER side of the field. Double Hmmmmm. Hmmmmmm!

Later in the game, he was moved to MLB. The Hamilton offense damn near did not gain any big yardage at ALL on the ground following that shift. Hmmmm.

Unfortunately, the BCentral offense did not gain any yardage, either; they lost the game.

But the Subject of Daughter's Attentions did his job very well.

He still needs a haircut.


Other Side said...

My 13-year old is going on his first date -- well, two adults, a couple other kids and the girl he finally decided on to be his girlfriend (from three). I wish he didn't dye his hair black, though.

You still have kids in highschool? I thought you were in your hundreds. ;)

Dad29 said...

I am.


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Mint, OS, mint. Lol.