Saturday, November 01, 2008

Actually, Eddie, the Bishop IS Catholic

Little Eddie Garvey, a LeftoWacky whose time has long gone, doesn't like Bishops teaching Catholic doctrine--especially in Madistan, which Garvey thinks he owns.

Bishop Robert Morlino, Madison Diocese, wants to help you make up your mind to elect John McCain. He is, heaven forbid, not engaging in partisan electioneering. No, he is merely "assisting our people in the proper formation of their consciences and helping them as they carry out their moral obligation for responsible voting...It is clear that many Catholics have been mislead." [sic] Once again, he wants priests to campaign this Sunday (he would say "help") for McCain-Palin

Note that lying comes naturally to Eddie. The Bishop did NOT tell people to vote for McCain. Reading for comprehension, however, is not Eddie's game. He's a bit old for that.

In fact, little Eddie quotes the Bishop:

...the Bishop rose to speak at the end although not on the program. "You cannot claim to be a Catholic if you vote for any candidate who is pro-choice." He said it three or four times for emphasis.

Seems clear to me. Do NOT vote for the World-Class Moloch high-priest, Obama, and you will have a clear conscience.

The sample ballot includes the following NON-Moloch-Worshippers:

McCain, Barr, Baldwin, Wamboldt.

Besides that, there's Nader, McKinney, Lariva, and Moore.

Little Eddie should get around to understanding that the Bishops are no longer "the Democrat Party at prayer." Shouldn't be hard; after all, the (D) Party has been facing the wrong direction since McGovern.

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