Wednesday, November 12, 2008

R. Weakland, Keeper of Secrets

In the good old days, Abp. Weakland wore a nice pectoral cross, which signified his office as Bishop of Milwaukee.

Now the cross has been transferred to the Archdiocese. And it will be a heavy one, indeed.

Here, the Archbishop 'splains that he never told anyone about pedophiliac tendencies when moving criminal boy-attackers around the Archdiocese. In fact, he never even discussed the problem-priests w/his successor. Pay particular attention to 2:00, 2:31, 3:02, 3:34, (most curious!!). (At this point, the JS server is overwhelmed...)

Surprise!! Welcome to Milwaukee Timothy Dolan, where the Faithful have been taught to never, ever, ever, trust a priest or Bishop!


GAMazy said...

What I found particularly distressing was that he stated that he "didn't feel I had a right to ask" if a priest had molested anyone.

Weakland's sympathies lie with the perverted priests as evidenced by his statement giving reason for keeping the secrets hidden..because "no parish would have accepted them". YA THINK?

He appears unmoved in this deposition. No sadness. No remorse. Not even an inkling that he feels badly after he admits that the children were placed "at risk."

This is truly undigestable.

TerryN said...

This should be a lesson to everyone who believes that war is not the answer.

Covering for those that want to harm you is worse.

We can't all get along. It's natures way.

Lois said...

Compassionless men should never be put in positions of authority. The harm that was done to the children is clearly more than the former Archbishop could ever understand.

Dan said...

99% of preists are good, honest men. Weakland is in the other 1% catagory.
The Milwaukee archdiocese is going to pay big time because of Weakland.
As Belling pointed out, maybe Weakland had sympathies toward the molestors because perhaps Weakland is one.

Terrence Berres said...

This might slow up his next comeback attempt.

I notice a lot of our priests go out of their way to modify the Eucharistic Prayer to include him by name. Perhaps they could run this video during Communion for additional emphasis.

Dad29 said...

Yes, 90+% of priests are good guys.

But the culture of "secrets" and, frankly, LYING, has eroded what used to be an implicit atmosphere of trust.

Now, sadly, priests and Bishops have to earn that trust, instead of having it a priori by virtue of their Ordination.

Arguably, it was equally silly to "trust Father" implicitly back in the '60's and before...

Rembert (not to mention many seminary Rectors and auxiliary Bishops both here and elsewhere) has certainly made the case for simply NOT trusting them until it's earned.