Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Will There Be a Fistfight?

Like Charlie says, this is worth the price of a ticket to watch...

Noting that "county supervisors took the political heat for placing that item on the ballot," Holloway wrote in a letter to RTA board members, "Just three days after our referendum was approved, I learned that the RTA was already poised to move in and muscle Milwaukee County out of an attempt to provide dedicated funding for our mass transit, parks, recreation, culture and emergency medical services. To be clear, carpetbaggers are not welcome in this debate. Piggybacking on our work in an attempt to include funding for KRM would severely hurt funding for Milwaukee County's mass transit system, which is already on life support."

Holloway plans to distribute several thousand copies of "Old Man River" so that Milwaukee County taxpayers can sing from the same page.

"Tote that barge!! Lift that bale!!! Get a little drunk, and you land in jail......"

Whose plantation IS this, anyway?

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