Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Civilian Military Force"--Chapter Two

While the Left-o-Sphere continues to refer to Obama's "civilian military force" as a kind of Peace Corps initiative, Rahm Emanuel doesn't think of it that way.

In fact, Emanuel, who spent a number of years in Israel, seems to be thinking of the Israeli model. Yes, it's military; yes, it's compulsory; and yes, it is brief.

What Emanuel does not say (and the interviewer does not ask) is: why? Why do we suddenly need this? What has occurred in the last several years which the existing military (NG, ER, and regulars) have NOT been able to handle appropriately?

Oh--yah--another question Emanuel left unanswered: what color will the uniforms be?

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Jay Bullock said...

We didn't elect Rahm Emmanuel. I thought you knew that.

Emmanuel, talking about his own proposed plans in the book he was trying to sell a couple of years ago, is not evidence that Barack Obama will institute the American Gestapo.