Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blazing Gun Sales, Batman!!

Bruce recounts his experience Up Nort' hey...

...In quiet, downtown Black River Falls, I couldn’t find a parking spot on Main Street, was forced to park on a remote side street, and walk 1 1/2 blocks to the store. Shoppers were milling about in front of the storefront; many seemed like they were just “waiting” for something. I strolled inside to find folks stacked 3 deep at the gun counter, across the entire length of its roughly 25′ span. ...Shoppers had perched themselves at various places throughout the store, with clipboards or boxes in hand, using anything they could write on to fill out their ATF disclosure forms.

UPS-labeled boxes of miscellaneous handgun ammo were being sold as quickly as the tape on the boxes could be opened, not even being placed on shelves — which honestly is not uncommon, if you’ve ever been to Moe’s — but today, it was simply being sold off the floor in front of the counter as fast as the boxes were set down, as quickly as camouflage-laden arms could reach into the sea of humanity to grab it.

I asked the salesman, a bearded guy about 30, who has been working there as long as I’ve been visiting Moe’s, what he theorized might account for this
recent surge in sales, and (in-between phone calls to the ATF records check hotline) he managed one sentence. “It’s unprecedented. Been this way since a week before the election.

Bruce goes on to tell us that some guns are no longer in stock--at the DISTRIBUTOR level, no less--and that what he saw was definitely not the typical pre-hunting stuff.

Another blogger reported by phone that he was at Cabela's today and 'the ammo was flying off the shelves,' but he was unable to offer a comparo to prior years at Cabela's.

Dammit, I passed Cabela's twice today to/fro Appleton...

So, Folkbum, we're all just getting prepared for the Obama/Emanuel "civilian military corps", or whatever the Hell the Anointed One calls it.

See? Good little citizens, we are!


grumps said...

So, ket me get this straight. The folks who were offended when President-Elect Obama suggested that they were clinging to guns are finding comfort after the election by clinging to guns and you see nothing ironic there?

Dad29 said...

Accurately, Grumpy (how's Sleepy, by the by?) the offense was taken at the adjective "bitter."

And I've looked again at the posted material and find NOTHING about "clinging" to the guns therein.

Buying the guns, yes. Buying the ammo, yes. "Clinging"? Nope.