Friday, July 11, 2008

The Strategy: Win the Election. Tactic: High Priced Gasoline

The daft yapping about "leased acreage" and "10 years to fruition" coming from the Moonbats (Pelosi, Feingold, and Kagen, inter alia) are merely tactics used to achieve the strategic goal: winning the fall elections.

If there is a truism, it is that Americans vote their pocketbooks.

And when the pocketbook is in pain, the President's party usually loses.

All that the Moonbats have to do, therefore, is to prolong the agony of the citizens over the price of gasoline. They think, based on history, that this will effect the goal: defeating the (R) Party in November.

And there are dupes out there who actually assist in the propaganda campaign. Whether through Party loyalty or through total inability to think is irrelevant. They are dupes.


grumps said...

Wasn't the President's Party in charge for some time? You don't suppose that, with the election already down the tubes, GWB and his buds would figure "record high profits" for oil companies would be legacy enough?

Dad29 said...

The President screwed up on offshore drilling, but has already offered to revoke the EO, as well as the EO of Bush One on the same topic.

But Queen Nancy won't move.

Although the election is important to the Dems (and short-term,) they also don't really give a flying about energy sources for the long-term, either.

Amy said...


I highly suggest you take a basic economics course.

From CNN Money:

The average net profit margin for the S&P Energy sector, according to figures from Thomson Baseline, is 9.7%. The average for the S&P 500 is 8.5%. So yes, energy companies are more profitable than many others...but not by an inordinate amount.

Google, for example, reported a net profit margin of 25% in its most recent quarter. Should we have an online advertising windfall profit tax?

And, depending on the state you live in, the government gets more in taxes than the oil company in profits.

It's also no coincidence things went to hell in a handbasket after the Dems took over Congress. Despite BDS claims to the contrary, Congress sets the policis of the nation.

They're to blame.

But hey, let's jack up the taxes even more. Maybe this time next year we can pay $8/gal for gas!

Jay Bullock said...

Bush has already offered to revoke the EO [. . .] But Queen Nancy won't move.

Since when does the president need anyone else's approval to revoke an executive order?

And Charlie Crist may well be gay, but you shouldn't call him Queen Nancy like that. Sheesh.

Dad29 said...

He doesn't, Jay.

But Congress has also acted to make drilling illegal, in ADDITION to the EO's.

So he can revoke EO's all day long, with no change in the law. It will still be illegal to drill.

IOW, it's up to Nancy and her retainers.