Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thompson v. Favre, Chapter 365

The entire argument for bringing Favre back to the Packers as a starter this year is based on the belief that the Packers, WITH Favre, will get to the Super Bowl.

...and that without him, they will not.

Really, folks? Do you REALLY believe that the Pack's going to the SB if only....just....if only Brett plays?

Or do you kinda WISH that to be the case, and then RATIONALIZE your way to bringing Favre back?

Only the late-afternoon RadioMouth knows.


Anonymous said...

They may not make the Super Bowl or even the conference championship with Favre, but the Packers will be better with Favre than without him. I don't think you can dispute that.

Billiam said...

I've lost a lot of respect for Favre through this whole mess. I'm also pissed at the timing. Makes Brett seem pretty damn selfish, what with the Packer HOF inductions and all. Not too classy. I'm also disgusted with Packer fans who seem to not want to give any other QB a chance. It's Brett or we're all going to cry and stamp our feet! What a bunch of sycophants.

Anonymous said...

Rogers was given many chances and he broke like a orange being splattered with a baseball bat.
So, please tell me Thompson supporters, what has he done to improve the team? Who made more of an impact last year, Thompson or Favre? If you a Thompson, I suggest you read Football for Dummies as you certainly are one.