Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Get A Tuneup and Hot Air!

You can't make this up.

The guy has gone from slightly batty and waaaaayyyyy pretentious to entirely off his rocker.

Save petroleum? No problem, the Obama way!!

Simply inflate your tires to the proper pressure, get regular tune-ups, and the US will save ALL THE OIL THAT WE COULD GET FROM OFFSHORE DRILLING.

That's what he said today, folks.

I've told a few folks that this election is his to lose; frankly, he's losing it--in more ways than one.

Owen has the tape, if you don't believe me (and frankly, I wouldn't blame you for incredulity.)

1 comment:

Prosqtor said...

I hope the media attention leads to more and more "Unscripted Obama," because he's the One Who I've Been Waiting For.