Monday, July 21, 2008

Punch a Perv Who Feels Up Your Kid, Go to Jail

Massachusetts is beginning to look like England. And that's not good.

Police said the suspect, an elderly janitor at Market Basket, allegedly reached under a bathroom stall partition and touched the boy’s calf while the child was standing on a bucket June 1.

The boy’s enraged father, who police said saw it happen, allegedly flung open the adjacent stall and punched the janitor, giving him a cut on his lip and a welt on the middle of his head

The employee, Valerio Rodriguez, 71, of Providence, allegedly told police through a translator “that he was wrong for touching the little boy.”

...Rodriguez was charged with indecent assault June 1, but he was not arrested. He was suspended from his job on July 6 and is scheduled to be arraigned in court on July 29. Police also charged Beatrice with assault for hitting Rodriguez, saying “they sympathized with him but would have preferred he had waited for police to arrive.” His arraignment is July 31.

If there were ever a case for jury nullification, this is it.

But for unmitigated stone-headed stupidity, the town's police chief Pacheco takes the cake. Recall that the pervert was NOT arrested when the incident occurred.

“It is unfortunate that there appears to be some type of public assumption that the police stopped a father from protecting his son and let a child molester go, that is absolutely not true,” Pacheco wrote in a prepared statement.

And while the father claims the incident was an outright sexual assault, there was an arguable dispute on the facts as the elderly man who could only speak through an interpreter, said he was “just joking around,” he said. He said his officers used their discretion not to arrest the man right away because the reason for an arrest is to protect the public by stopping the crime or similar ones from continuing and to ensure the parties will appear in court.

Hey--dipwad--the old pervert ADMITTED that he felt up the kid. "Joking" or otherwise, the father had a prima facie cause to smack the perv into the next county.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Massachusetts. Home of the murderer Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, gay marriage and the Patriots(ok, the last one was a cheap shot) what do you expect?

Amy said...

Yeah, thought that was wrong, too.

On Malkin, I believe someone posted a comment about the DA who basically said they discourage people from defending themselves.

Pretty much sums up the liberal attitude toward self defense: "Don't do it! We'll do it for you!"