Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obama's Response to Trouble: Racism Charges

I think PowerLine's theory holds water.

What does Obama's latest [race-baiting] play tell us about the current circumstances? I think it tells us that, despite Obama's presidential preening, he senses he may be in trouble. The "world tour" bounce appears to have been a short-hop only, and his pretentiousness and arrogance are beginning to grate even on some in the MSM. The McCain campaign is ridiculing Obama as a celebrity and little more. There's enough truth in this suggestion to make the candidate uncomfortable. He doesn't feel he can ignore the attack, but he also cannot respond with "I am too a man of substance who deserves my celebrity." Hence the whining; hence the race card.

The essay goes on to mention that this is behavior typical of Jackson and Sharpton--meaning that Obama is taking more of their 'territory' as the campaign wears on.

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