Friday, July 18, 2008

The Iraq Invasion: Decided in March, 2002

Interesting, and not yet denied.

Bush unexpectedly stuck his head in the door. "Are you all talking about Iraq?" the President asked, his voice tinged with schoolyard bravado. Before McCain and the others in the room could do more than nod, Bush waved his hand dismissively.

"F--- Saddam," he said. "We're taking him out." And then he left

(The Other McCain quotes Time magazine, which described a meeting between Condi Rice, John McCain, and another Senator, taking place in March, 2002.)

Leave aside the girly-talk descriptive phrase about GWB's "voice," which is de rigeur for most of the MSM hacks.

Which, if true, means that the "case" for taking out SH was made after the decision was made...

Which would explain the palpable thin-ness of the "case", and why the "case" morphed through about 3 different iterations.

The disappointment grows, except for the NeoCon warmongers. It will be fun to watch Bill Kristol spin this one, won't it?

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