Friday, July 04, 2008

Knowing History Is Good

James Harris informs.

...did you know that Dr. King was a Republican? Honestly, I knew that his father was a Republican, heck every black person born before 1960 was a Republican, so why do we never see "Republican" and "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr." in the same sentence?



Other Side said...

Maybe true about King's father ... of course all those Southern Democrats (the racist kinds) converted to the Republican party after LBJ pushed through Civil Rights.

Once again Harris shows his lack of depth.

Dad29 said...

James seems to think that it is true about MLK, as well. And he DID read a bio of the good Doctor.

Have you read one?

By the way, it was a REPUBLICAN group of Senators which pushed through the CRA.

Knowing history is good, OS. You should read a little of it.

Other Side said...

Yes it was ... with the help of the bulk of the Democratic party and a Democratic administration. No help from the southern Democrats who joined with their racist brethren in the Republican party.

I have no argument with the fact King may have been a Republican, or at least his parents. To claim that that would still be the case is absurd and definitely contra history. You should read more, too.

Dad29 said...

Apparently a lot more racists who were Dem than Pubbie, fella:

The Senate version, voted on by the House:[7]

Democratic Party: 153-91 (63%-37%)
Republican Party: 136-35 (80%-20%)

See Wiki

capper said...


I seem to remember you, Croc and I having a conversation a while back about how the parties have changed sides.

But two things: As OS pointed out, even if that was true then, it definitely wouldn't be true today. The values have switched too far for that to be a relevant statement anymore.

Secondly, labels can be very, very misleading. Or do you mean to tell me that you really believe that Sheriff David Clarke is a Democrat?

Dan said...

I don't Dr. King would be in favor of welfare for everyone, be anti-school choice, pro abortion, pro illegal immigrant, for black on black crime and make excuses for everybody. I don't think Dr. King would not tolerate the likes of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Would he be a democrat, maybe, but one never knows. Would he be a liberal Democrat, probably not.

Dad29 said...

You're right, Capper, there has been a switcheroo over the last 25 years or so.

And Dan makes a lot of good points. If we take MLK at his words ('not the color of the skin...') then he might well be teaming up with Bill Cosby these days.

Other Side said...

Here's a link for you, daddio that nicely refutes Harris (and you). As for Dan, ridiculous.

Oh, and your stat backs me up real well. I would love to see a breakdown of those votes. I would bet the vast majority were from Southern states.