Saturday, July 05, 2008

How To Be a Moonbat

Appropriately enough, Moonbattery does a take-down-fisk on a moonbat who writes for The Progressive.

...[It's] July 4th again, a day of near-compulsory flag-waving and nation-worshipping. Count me out. Spare me the puerile parades. Don't play that martial music, white boy. And don't befoul nature's sky with your F-16s.

For when you stop to think about it, patriotism (especially in its malignant morph, nationalism) has done more to stack the corpses millions high in the last 300 years than any other factor, including the prodigious slayer, religion...[Chris Satullo]

Communism, an antinationalistic ideology favored by progressives, has killed more than 100 million over the last century. But apparently this is dwarfed by the genocidal horrors of Christians singing hymns


There's another, less erudite, Moonbat posting over at Amy's, too (see the combox). Gadzooks! They are reproducing...


Jeni said...

How sad to see such a destructive and downright hateful. How I wish we could just stop all the hate but people like this will never let that happen, will they.

Jeff Miller said...

It is also quite ironic considering most Progressive's love of expanding government and the nanny state. Though I guess their patriotism is always a future patriotism when all of their programs would at last be implemented.

I recently read a military-SF book by John Ringo called "Road to Damascus" that had some great social commentary. On this planet after they withstand a military invasion from an alien race a liberal government takes over and implements all of the agendas so loved by liberals - all to the obvious ruin and resulting toltalatarian state where people are educated by the state to like it.

capper said...


That sort of sounds like No Child Left Behind, doesn't it?


I never pictured you to be a Russian Jew...Tradition!

Amy said...

Thanks for the link, Dad.

Moonbats will *never* understand communism's destructive force. Christianity is always worse.

What's the definition of insanity? Oh, that's right - trying to reinstate the same failed government policies over and over again, expecting an outcome other than mass murder.

Got it.

Hope you had a good 4th of July. Even if it didn't involve tons of food, beer drinking, and fireworks.... ;)