Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sykes NeoLogism

Not bad, Charlie--not bad at all...

Wisconsin: Home of
State Bird: Vulture--with BagMan's face.
State Flower: Choke-weed
State Symbol: The Capitol, on top of a taxpayer...
State Symbol: WEAC and the Tribes, Rampant


Anonymous said...

State Fantasy: TABOR

Rural counties defy predictions on C, D
By Joe Garner, Rocky Mountain News
November 3, 2005

STERLING - The frugal, bedrock Republicans of rural northeastern Colorado surprised even themselves in Tuesday's balloting by approving Referendum C.

Voters in rigorously conservative Logan, Phillips and Sedgwick counties also confounded the pundits by voting to ease strict TABOR controls on state spending.

Scarlette said...

Dad, are you going to read Anne Rice's new book?

Dad29 said...

Ah, Anony....

The voters in Colorado gave their Gummint permission to spend a few extra bucks, JUST LIKE TABOR REQUIRES.

True: TABOR is a wonderful thing. Have faith! We can get there!!