Friday, November 04, 2005

Petri: Anti-Blog?

Tom Petri voted against HR 1606, a bill which contained language exempting blogs from McPain/Feinswine campaign contribution stupidity.

There may have been a procedural reason for this--and the fact is that the Democrats were the ones who REALLY killed the Bill--but Petri should be questioned by his constituents.

Making blogs subject to "campaign finance" legislative sanctions is another violation of the 1st Amendment--just like the rest of McPain/Feinswine was. The fact that GWBush signed the legislation is disgusting, too (that's for you, Xoff.)

Call Petri. Ask him about the 1st Amendment and HR1606.

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Mary Eileen said...

I agree. The President never should have signed that bill; it was maybe his single biggest mistake. He was counting on the Supremes striking it down. Ha.

And thanks for your comment on my blog! I couldn't believe someone came by who actually knew of the seminary woods and had a story to tell about the cemetery!

You don't have an email address posted (neither do I!) so I'll just ask you here if you want to do reciprocal links. I'd be happy to add you to my blogroll.

Mary Eileen said...

I'm commenting here again even though it's OT because I wanted to reach you after your comments on my blog today. All I can say is small world, indeed! I went to SMA, as did my mother and two aunts, but my mom was there in the mid '30s so she probably didn't know your mom. Then again, you never know! And I did have an older aunt who may have been there when your mom was.

As far as houses on the east side of Superior... my grandparents built the house that's just two doors down from SMA, and my aunt has a photo from back then showing a house across the street!

You had a sitter as a kid who became an SSF nun; I had two great aunts who were SSF nuns living at the convent there.

Here's my email address if you want to continue this chat:

Yes, the Catholic world especially is a small one, isn't it?!?

Mary Eileen said...

Oh dear Lord, I messed up my own email address! It's dot net, not dot com.

Sorry about that! I'm not usually such a dolt, honest.