Thursday, November 03, 2005

If We Can Save Just One Judge!!!

Judge-ette Brennan, ever mindful of the horrific risks of being a judge (a position which she COULD resign any time she wanted to....) has made a heartfelt and emotional plea for "secured" private (and free) parking spaces for ....Judges!!!

After all, sentencing all those criminals to prison terms has risks, and crossing the street to an old-fashioned surface parking lot, (in the middle of the night, because Judges work from dawn until 10PM, you know...) is just frightening and scary!!---and could be dangerous!!!!

When the Channel Four reporter (to his credit) pointed out that Waukesha and Ozaukee County judges ALSO walked to a surface-parking lot after sending hundreds of armed and dangerous criminals to prison, Judge-ette Brennan mentioned that DANE COUNTY had just built a new Courthouse, complete with underground "secure" (and FREE!!!) parking for its endangered judges.

Kitty: get a gun and carry permit. If you don't like the job, QUIT! And stop your pissing and moaning about "conditions." As you can see from the following post, it's bad all over and may not get better.


Scarlette said...

Dad, what kind of gun should she get?
I want one, too.

Dad29 said...

Look at the Kahr 9mm semiautos.

Very compact, accuracy good to 25 yards (especially at less than 10 yards, which is where the rubber meets the road...)

Some would recommend an S&W revolver, snubbie, in .357. Same general credits.

Buy them at Fletcher's in Waukesha, which really DOES like its female clientele...

Scarlette said...

One more question, Dad,...if I shoot left-handed do I need a left-handed gun? Is there such a thing?
Did you know that at sporting stores they charge more for left-handed golf clubs?
Where is Waukesha?

Dad29 said...

Unless you are into VERY high-end target-shooting, there's no difference whatsoever.

Waukesha is west-southwest of Milwaukee by about 20 miles.

Scarlette said...

Airline tickets to Waukesha...$2971.00
My goodness.