Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Catholic-Majority Supreme Court

From FreeRepublic:

As David Bernstein points out today in this post on The Volokh Conspiracy, the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court will result in a Catholic majority on that bench. It seems timely, therefore, to speculate on the potential changes in store for that august institution:

10) Meat-less Fridays all year round in the Supreme Court cafeteria;
9) Oral arguments in Latin;
8) The bones of Charles Carroll will be disinterred and placed in a glass coffin at the front of the Chamber;
7) Collections between each session of oral argument;
6) Supreme Court windows replaced with stained glass;
5) "Oyez, oyez" will be replaced with rung Sanctus bells;
4) Incense will be burned throughout each session;
3) Supreme Court opinions will be deemed infallible and unreviewable by any earthly authority unless Rome intervenes;
2) Catechism of the Catholic Church will now be "persuasive authority";
And, the number one change which a Catholic majority would make to the Supreme Court . . .
1) Wednesday night bingo!


Fidei Defensor said...

I object to number 10, the cafeterria should be closed all together!

Xoff said...

Or the Pope -- taking a page from the Bishop of LaCrosse -- warning that any Catholic justice who upholds Roe v. Wade will be barred from the sacraments.

Dad29 said...

No, X., we're saving Papal interventions for the elections.