Tuesday, September 22, 2020

*Shock* Conley Smashes State Laws, Again

A Madistan resident (enough right there) Fed judge smacked down common-sense Wisconsin election law, again.

A federal judge on Monday gave Wisconsin voters an extra six days to get their absentee ballots back to election clerks this fall in a broad decision that also will make it easier to hire poll workers.

Anticipating an appeal was likely, U.S. District Judge William Conley immediately stayed his ruling, writing that it wouldn't go into effect for at least a week. If higher courts uphold his decision, the nation will have to wait for a week after Election Day to get full presidential results in a crucial swing state....

Conley managed to insult "Wisconsin voters" by implication that they aren't smart enough to mail their ballots on time.  Nice!  

But there's more!!

... for this fall, he said clerks could immediately begin reporting their results, even though they will continue to receive valid ballots for six more days....

So the professional Vote-Cheat Party will know exactly how many ballots to "find" in various PO boxes around the State.

Smooth move, judge! 


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