Tuesday, September 11, 2018

"Big Agenda" +Cupich Coming to Milwaukee!!

Many of you are waiting with bated breath to learn about the "BIG AGENDA" promoted by ++Blase Cupich (Blazing Cupcake).

It has to do with such things as immediately curing worldwide poverty and ensuring safety for all living things like rabbits and chipmunks and fishies in the sea.  Also a halt to use of any fuels.  Or maybe halting the use of ALL fuels.  Yup.  That's better.  Also building housing for all the homeless and curing all the sick.  Worldwide.  Tomorrow or sooner.

Yup.  That's more important than homosexual priests raping boys, ya'know.

You'll get to hear all about ++Cupich's "Big Agenda" right here in greater Milwaukee, if he stops talking about The Holy Francis.

Of course, Cupich could also speak about resignations.  His, Francis', Wuerl's, O'Malley's, Farrell's.....

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GOR said...

I don't think we need to 'discover Pope Francis'... We already know who he is and what he stands for. Ditto for ++Cupich and, increasingly, for ++Listecki.

Dolan got out of here fast, without cleaning up anything - a political animal, rather than a churchman - just like McCarrick, Wuerl, Tobin, Farrell and many more, too numerous to mention.