Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Why Are They So Angry? Part 3,468

The bleaters often ask 'why TEA Party people are so angry?'

Read on.

...A small manmade open ditch ran through Lutter's property in Noble County, Ind.  It was in need of repair, and Lutter got permission from his county to place tile drains for the collection of the agricultural discharge and cover over the eroding open ditch.  This not only saved county taxpayer dollars, but also cleaned up the water supply and prevented further soil erosion.
But that doesn't matter. According to Noble County and Lutter, they were told they violated the Clean Water Act.  This is despite the fact that Lutter said the ditch was manmade and used only for agricultural discharge and did not impede the flow of any main waterways — usual exemptions under the Clean Water Act...

The farmer owes the Feds $20 grand for this egregious and wanton violation, don'cha know.

That's not all:  the County owes the Feds another $175 large for having the temerity to give Lutter permission to fix his stinking ditch.

It's not hard to figure out where the 'anger' comes from.  Moronic drones commit assaults on common sense; anger results therefrom.

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