Wednesday, August 01, 2012

What Might "Free Trade" Mean to You?

The earlier part of the essay contains the predicate statistics; here's the upshot:

....But more importantly, note what this signifies for the USA if the apostles of free trade were ever able to achieve their goal of permitting international trade to take place on the same terms as American domestic trade in a manner that realized the anticipated economic benefits: at least fifty percent of American workers would be expected to leave the USA by the average age of 35!

This vast exodus of young Americans would say nothing, of course, of the hundreds of millions of non-American workers who would be expected to enter the USA, with all of the various consequences to be expected as a result of immigration that is an order of magnitude larger than the current wave....

Oh, what the Hell.  Let 'em all leave.  That'll do wonders for the Social Security and Medicare funding, right?

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