Friday, August 03, 2012

Tommy Thompson's ChooChoo Chomps Taxpayers. Again.

Tommy Thompson's favorite train.

“It costs passengers $9.50 to buy a cheeseburger on Amtrak, but the cost to taxpayers is $16.15," said [Rep. John Mica (R-FL)]. "Riders pay $2.00 for a Pepsi, but each of these sodas costs the U.S. Treasury $3.40."  --AOSHQ quoting Atlanta Journal-Constitution

It takes a special sort of stupid to lose money on a $9.50 cheeseburger.

The "conservative budget-slashing" Thompson sat on the Amtrak Board and loved it.

His toy train?  A complete loser.  Best for all of us that Tommy retires to his home's Lionel train-set.


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Aged parent said...

Indeed. I wish Howdy Doody would just go away and leave us alone. He can retire to the Old Has-Been Politicians Home in northern Nebraska.