Thursday, August 02, 2012

The "D" Word


The Great Depression that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke claims to have averted has been part of the background radiation of our economy since at least 2008.

It’s just that like radiation — it’s invisible.

We’ve called it the recovery, the jobless recovery, the slogging recovery and more recently the fading recovery. We’ve measured modest growth in our nation’s gross domestic product to record that our so-called Great Recession ended in June 2009. And now we are saying that if this disappointing growth suddenly disappears, as currently feared, we will be in a new recession.

There is nothing more depressing than hearing about a new recession when you haven’t fully recovered from the last one. I take heart in suspecting that in a still-distant future, historians will look back with clarity and call this whole rotten period a depression.  --AOSHQ quoting CBS MarketWatch

Just what Obozo needs.


J. Strupp said...

Why wait for the history books? It's been clear that we are in the middle of a 1930's style depression. The only major difference being the economic stabilizers that kicked in in 2008 which didn't exist back then, soften the impact of the financial crisis.

Saint Revolution said...

The Great ENGINEERED (Rec)(Depr)ession, one of many since 1913, engineered by the luciferian freemason-led one world order.

What OBastard, a black diabolical 32nd/33rd degree prince hall freemason frontman for the one world order, really is trying to accomplish is the progress towards the finalization of the North American union, one of the four unions that eventually will join to become the one world order:
Prophetic: We Are Already In An Engineered Recession

Politics is war without bloodshed. War is politics with bloodshed.
-- Mao Tse-Tung

Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of Liberty.
-- Thomas Jefferson

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.
-- Thomas Jefferson

Cara Dominus:
Fiat ibi esse an apocalyptic revolutione ita ego potest committitur dirigentes omnia haec liberalis motherf**kers in faciem.

Anonymous said...

Let's learn more about Dr. Jerome Corsi, the driving force in the link Timmy provided.

A former banker/investor. 25 years experience. According to Timmy, we NEVER trust them. EVER.

In 1995, Corsi and a business partner convinced 20 Minnesota investors to give him money for Polish investments. That money disappeared and the FBI was called in to investigate. Though they did not find enough evidence to charge Corsi, several investors sued him, winning their court cases.
But they weren’t able to collect from Corsi. He had reportedly transferred all his assets and funds to his wife’s name.

Bankgster!--Corsi has worked until recently at Guilford Securities, a Manhattan investment firm.

Corsi is a conspiracy theorist's wet dream. So easily duped, Timmy.

And here are Dr. Corsi's "pals".

Ah, Timmy, I mean St. Revolution, you never cease to amaze me.

Saint Revolution said...

TO: AnnRump 8/05/2012 5:35 PM:

In contrast, you are anything but amazing, AnnCancer...a yawn cloaked into an epidermal infected with liberal-leprosy...a bore of a rotting political corpse.

With your perpetually erroneous sloberal libocratic sources such the likes of the wonderful THERE'S a trusted source to bring truth to the are as commonplace and blase as maggots on carrion.

"I did not have sexual relations with that girl...", lied the liberal.

"I do care about the veracity of my sources...", falsely spake the maligner-asaurus, prevaricator abounding of perjury.

You are a ridiculous absurd laughing-stock with a non-existent record of TRUTH, AnnScam.

Your ComBox attempts fail again at producing any VERIFIABLE information...failure propogated by horrific thoughtless research simply because my number one fan wants to keep at least 4 steps behind me instead of the usual 10 to 20.

You struggle to find a falsified article, puke it to me as Bible, and then sit back in your steaming pile of brown laurels?!

No proof of anything besides your ungodly liberal stink of used douchebag.

You really need to change your Depends.

You stink, man.

I mean that.

You really, really suck at this blogging stuff. You are the worst I've experienced.

Go ask your Mommy...she'll tell you.

She doesn't like you either.

No one really does.

Shoo, maggot, shoo.

Anonymous said...

Your partisanship Timmy defies logic.

"Your ComBox attempts fail again at producing any VERIFIABLE information"

It is now up to YOU to find evidence to refute my claim. Corsi has worked in the banking/financial industry. He ripped off several of his clients.

You claim to oppose bankgsters. Corsi is one. Yet, you deny the TRUTH. He also pals around known white supremacists. Yet, you deny the TRUTH.

He's also a plagiarist.

And his birther book was pulled.

Counter with evidence, Timmy, to refute.

"With your perpetually erroneous sloberal libocratic sources such the likes of the wonderful Politico."

And yet any and all of your sources are TRUTH? Again, cite evidence to counter the claims, you hypocrite.