Friday, August 03, 2012

Incompetent? Look to Racine's City Clerk

A hullabaloo of the first order was screeched by the LameStreamMedia over a non-report of Brookfield's votes in the SCOWI election.  The vote was accurately recorded, and accurately posted, but the posting was 12 hours late.

(In other words, the LameStream "reporters" couldn't add, and expected the County Clerk to do the math for them.)

So.  We expect another hullabaloo over THIS, right?

A Media Trackers review of voter registration forms from the recall election shows that Racine City Clerk Janice M. Johnson-Martin personally failed to follow state protocol when registering voters. 

... As many as 23 voter registration forms signed by Racine City Clerk Johnson-Martin failed to list the voter’s proof of residence type – information required by state law in fully completed voter registration forms.

Incompetence (and we're being generous here) calls for LameStream screeching, right?


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