Saturday, August 04, 2012

Feds to Midwest: "No Gasoline for You!!"

Seems like the Feds are behaving in their normal fashion, obstructing whatever they can.

...Some in the industry are beginning to talk about possible shortages of gasoline in the region.

Independent gas station owner Richard Klein said that that supplies could become a bit tighter in the coming weeks.

"I know the terminals and they said refineries are down," he said. "They could start allocating. It's possible."

 Most people in SE Wisconsin know about the broken pipeline near Jackson.  But there's another one Up Nort'.

...Roth said Enbridge Energy Pipeline, which ruptured a week ago, has been fixed but the government is asking for further testing at the site of the spill.

"Our question is why not allow it to be restarted and then have it inspected," she said. "It just makes no sense to us."

But then, common sense is not built into Gummint-brain, is it?


Grim said...

Gas lines. Then the Carter years nostalgia will be complete.

Saint Revolution said...

Caesar(s) knew it.
Hitler knew it.
Stalin knew it.
Mussolini knew it.
Etc. knew it.

Q.: How does a despot stop the fomenting of revolution and change?

A.: Keep the "rabble" busy and broke...and, banally, somewhat entertained.

JOB: acronym for, "Journey Of
The Broke".

Highest gas prices possible by shuttering pipelines and incorporating government over-reaching RE: inspections, drilling, etc?

Another tactic to keep us all broke...and busy trying to pay...

RE: Obama/Carter: can have it either way:
Metaphor: a Carter is this Obama,
Simile: Obama is like a Carter,
if you prefer,
an literary allusion: "a-Cartering Obama will go..."

It's really all about personal taste...totally up to you...