Thursday, January 05, 2012

Is WEA Just Stealing the Money?

This has been brewing for a few months.

...Federal funds are being withheld from Wisconsin school districts that dropped a health insurer connected with the state’s largest teachers union. Now, the WEA Trust is asking a federal court to rule that its move is okay. The WEA Trust received $18-million from the government’s Early Retiree Re-insurance Program. It’s designed to off-set the costs of providing insurance for early retirees. School officials who’ve dropped the WEA Trust say the money belongs to all public districts – and at least 14 of them are reportedly considering lawsuits to get a share of that funding. The WEA Trust told school systems that the funds would be given out as premium credits – thus forcing them to stay on with the insurance firm to get the money.

"It's MINE MINE MINE MINE and you can't HAVE it!!!"---WEA

Gee.  All this time, I thought "Federal funds" were from Federal Taxpayers, not just WEA ninnies.

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