Thursday, January 05, 2012

Got Milk? Not For Long: EPA Will "Fix" That!

Lemmeeesee heah, Jed.  No coal, no .........dairy??

Food and ag groups are concerned because the “safe” number proposed by EPA is far more stringent than current international science-based standards. In a letter sent to the Obama Administration in early December, a coalition of ag and food groups said, “EPA is proposing to create a situation in which most U.S. agricultural products could arbitrarily be classified as unfit for consumption. The implications of this action are chilling.”

Steve Kopperud, coordinator for the Food Industry Dioxin Working Group, told Dairy Herd Management last week that when food groups analyzed EPA’s proposed safe number, “what we discovered was that the average consumer would exceed the reference dose.”  --JunkScience quoting

You might die from cold (no electricity) or mal-nutrition.

But not from particulates or dioxins!!!

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