Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Ripley Won't Believe This

WSJ via CalcRisk:

U.S. companies large and small also chose an extraordinary playbook, stashing cash in the corporate equivalent of mattresses—bank accounts that yield no interest ... Banks, for their part, looked at the influx of deposits with mixed feelings.

On one hand, the unexpected bounty provides them with cheap funding that can be put to work in the form of loans. At the same time, the new deposits swelled their liabilities ... One executive even suggested that if this "run to the bank" continues, lenders might consider introducing negative interest rates on deposits (savers would have to pay a fee to park the money in the bank) to keep money out.

I once knew a prominent local banker who declared that 'banking is a license to steal.' He never imagined TAKING money for a CD.

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Jim said...

Who would believe it? Do you?