Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The DC Mind, Part 89,330

The DC "Mind" at work, again.

Eleven-year-old aspiring veterinarian, Skylar Capo, sprang into action the second she learned that a baby woodpecker in her Dad's backyard was about to be eaten by the family cat.

BIG mistake, Skylar.

But on the drive home, the Capo family stopped at [...] Lowes and they brought the bird inside because of the heat. That's when they were confronted by a woman from the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

"She was really nervous. She was shaking. Then she pulled out a badge," said Capo.

The problem was that the woodpecker is a protected species under the Federal Migratory Bird Act. Therefore, it's illegal to take or transport a baby woodpecker.

That'll be $500.00. Pay at the Fed window, you stinking criminal.

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Anonymous said...

Totalitarianism, anyone?