Tuesday, August 02, 2011

$38,500/Ticket. No Corporate Jets?

The Obozo has a birthday party; many of the attendees will pay $38,500.00/ticket.

None of them, of course, own or use 'corporate jets.' Nor are any of them 'billionaires.'



Jim said...

Yep, I'm sure there are some. And I'll bet most of them have no problem with closing loopholes and raising taxes on those earning over $250,000.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult for dad to wrap his head around the fact that not all politicos push policies that primarily aid their wealthiest supporters at the expense of everyone else.

Anonymous said...

They are free to write a check to the U.S. Treasury for any amount they want. If they feel their taxes are too low why not just pay more?


Jim said...

"If they feel their taxes are too low why not just pay more?"

A stupid comment that I read and hear over and over again. Are you actually Bill O'Reilly?

Anonymous said...

No Jim. I am a thinking individual who is sick and tired of lazy, incompetent, pathetic, crybaby liberals who actually believe that those people who made it by the sweat of their brow should be taxed into oblivion while their high minded blow hard "leaders' bitch that everyone else sacrifice while they do nothing. NOTHING.

YOUR president stuck MY kids with thousands of dollars of debt each to pursue a failed, immature, corrupt stimulus and yet you cheer him.

YOU bitch about Walker who actually solved a problem. He should have done nothing and said he "saved" 475,963 MILLION jobs. Like your socialist Savior.

You bitch about us, the REAL middle class who are getting sick and frickin tired of you pathetic lemmings.

Screw you. Screw everything you say, believe, think, feel and love you pathetic little blowhard.

Damn straight they should pay more. Frankly every liberal should pay an extra fee of 50% of their income in exchange for the rest of America not kicking your lazy a$$es out of this once fine nation that you so desperately want to destroy.


Jim said...
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Anonymous said...

Incited? Yeah right Bitch. How about 8 years versus less than 3? How about 9-11? Oh that's right, you liberal dickwads waant to forget all about that and the crush it put on the treasuries right?

How many frickin times do you have to be told IT IS NOT YOUR MONEY? It's ours. We worked for it. (Look up the word work, since you are a lefty it is probably foreign to you).

The wars? You mean the ones that now that the Saviour Obama is leading you are just fine with? Out of Iraq? That's right, lets rename the Combat Brigade a "training" brigade and send them outon combat missions. Luckily the idiots who slobber over Obama are too stupid too realize they were had.

Yemen? Lybia? What, no funny little punchline? YUOR president overspent by 1.6 TRILLION in a single year. One year. Defend it dickwad. You can't because you are too frickin in LOVE with your socialist idiot to do so.

How the hell do you feel to know that your only purpose in life is to release the little spoon fed sound bites that you so eagerly consume. Huh?

How are your little socialist state buddies doing? California, New York, Mass.? Not so good huh? Apparently buying votes using taxpayer dollars just does not work out in the long run huh?

Good thing they passed the bill today to allow YOUR president to continue spending like a drunken sailor.

Every person who voted for it is a traitor to this nation. Every last one of them deserves the same respect you give a cockroach. I don't care what affiliation they claim. I have calmly tried to push and prod and vote some sanity back in but what does it matter? Even if a leader comes in and fixes the crap that you democrats pull all we get is recalls and sit ins and bitchin.

Buy more ammo

John Foust said...

Anony, can you tell us about the "I'm an island" lifestyle? You dig your own well, grow your own food, don't use public roads? What were our ancestors thinking, piling one advancement on another, trying to improve life? How much would you like to pay for? What theory of government would you like to put into place - that is, replacing the one we have now, in a process that presumably will do the least harm?

Anonymous said...

That's right John "Screw the Taxpayer" Foust, all the deficit spending went to the EPA, FDA and Transportation spending right? I mean NONE of that is covered under the regular budget right?

Are you really that dense? Is your head stuck so far up your rear end that you can't tell the difference between budgeted and deficit spending?

I have not taken a high speed train, or driven a Chevy Volt, or visited the Mexico Chrysler engine plant, or enjoyed lavish benefits like you public sector leeches. That's where all the money went you moron.

Balanced Budget Amendment with automatic layoffs for all non-essential federal employees when the budget is not in balance. Same thing for the state. If your retarded Union owned leaders jack up spending they should be forced to match it with layoffs. PERMANENT layoffs.

Perhaps then you would keep your filthy limp wrist-ed hands out of our pockets.

John Foust said...

You're one of those who thinks a few insults increases the strength of your argument?

Anonymous said...

You're one of those who can't respond to any actual facts John? Face it, you're arguments are weak and full of DNC talking points. You're side screwed up the state and now it's fixed. Do you say thank you? No, you actually try to deride it.

Do you for a moment believe that what you leftist, socialist wanna be's believe will ever make it in the real world?

All you can do is drag down. All you can do is try to destroy. You want to legitimize the killing of babies. You want to drive businesses out with regulations. You want to handicap every person with a dream by progressively taking away their ability to try to achieve their dreams. You want to keep innocent law abiding people from being able to defend themselves from the fiends and deviants that you want released from prisons because of "compassion".

You are the darkness that has plagued every civilization and dragged them down.

We will not go silently into that good night.

Welcome to the new reality. We will no longer be silent. Save you're remarks for those still willing to stomach your vile crap.

Jim said...

Hey, John, we better get the f**k of nony's lawn.

John Foust said...

I dunno, Jim. It's a shame. Here Anony has solved a centuries-old question of the theory of government, of fair taxation, and he won't share it with us. He can think of a dozen things that everyone else is doing wrong - and here he is, doing right, and he can't even explain what that would be, or how the rest of us can get there.

Anonymous said...

I raped Caleb Foust.

Anonymous said...

A. 8:42 is not me

B. Wow, our two resident lefties get in a circle jerk to amuse each other.

The theory is easy you leftist peon, don't spend more than you make. Every single thinking rational adult learns this around age 19. Your leader is 50 and still doesn't get it.

But what do you expect from a party that elects Murderers, rapists and Klan leaders to the Senate.

John Foust said...

He's your President, too. Just like Bush was our President. So when Bush launched these wars, he had cash in hand? Thought they'd pay for themselves?

John Foust said...
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Dad29 said...

You, John.

Anonymous said...

Yep. You and Jim there Johnny boy. Sorry but every time one of you lefty dimwits throws up one of your straw man arguments it just makes me want to lock and load.

That and the, how shall we say, selectivity you use in choosing posts to respond to.

As to Bush, you really don't pay much attention now do you? I'm surprised you even noticed Bush what with all the BusHitler and Cheney's Bushes Brain ridicule you cowardly leftists were throwing around at the time.

What ever happened to that anti-war movement there you little slack jawed socialist? Oh, that's right, you only cared about who was leading the war, not the war itself.

Suddenly it is all OK, right?

By the way, the comment about Cain you maid in the other post proves you are a racist, right? I never heard you speak about a white candidate that way.

Jim said...

What the 19 year-old Bush didn't learn was, when you are given a budget with a surplus, you pay off some of your debt. You don't voluntarily reduce your hours (revenue), start two wars, and begin buying drugs at a fixed price. Our 50 year-old president gets it just fine. He just can't get any more hours and he's still paying for the wars and drugs.

"Suddenly it is all OK, right?"


Speaking for myself, John may agree, I don't like the fact that we are in Iraq and Afghanistan any more now than I did back when those wars were started and when they were being botched in the mid-2000s.

John Foust said...
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