Thursday, August 04, 2011

The DC Mind, Part 109,432

So the Pointy-Headed Geeks who Know Better Than You are about to ban advertising of cereals 'to children.'

So? You won't be watching Tony the Tiger ads any more with the darlings?

Think again, Bible-thumping ignorant gun-clinger.

The definition of “marketing to children” is broad. A television show is deemed “targeted to children” if 20 percent of the audience is 18 or under. Any child-oriented theme, like education or parenting or T-ball, cannot be mentioned in the advertising of foods that don’t meet the standards. Frosted Flakes will no longer be allowed to sponsor Little League baseball. The Coca Cola Company will have to give up its Coca Cola Scholars Foundation (which provides $3.4 million a year in scholarships) or perhaps rename it after one of the company’s bottled waters. General Mills’s “Box Tops for Education” program will be barred from kid-friendly cereals. The slogan “Choosy moms choose Jif” will be forbidden as too “targeted.” --Weekly Standard quoted at AOSHQ

This is what passes for "a mind" in DC. Aren't you happy that Congress preserved all their budgets to put your grandchildren in debtors' prison?

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