Thursday, August 04, 2011

Politifact Dumps Sewage, Too

Talk about spreading sewage....

Jim Sensenbrenner says that MMSD is 'one of the largest polluters in the country,' and Politi"fact" says that is 'false.' A couple billion gallons here, a couple billion gallons there.....meh. I mean, what's 20++ BILLION gallons of poop/water over 15 years? Pshaw.

We are amused that common rhetoric is now analyzed by Politi"fact." Perhaps, while examining offal-rhetoric, they should analyze the rhetoric of Obama. (The CBO won't. Somebody should.)

Along the way, Politi"fact" tells you (indirectly) that the Federal Government is responsible for many of the closings of Lake Michigan beaches.

"Wait, wait!" you say. "The article says nothing of the sort!!"

Oh, yes it does:

...southeastern Wisconsin has some of the most polluted beaches in the nation. She cited a 2011 report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental action group. The report labeled 13 beaches in seven states as "repeat offenders" for having high bacteria levels from 2006 through 2010. Two of the beaches were in southeastern Wisconsin, including one -- South Shore in Milwaukee -- that is in MMSD’s service area.

The report does not mention the sewerage district but seems to implicate the agency, saying "chronically high bacteria counts indicate that the beach water is probably contaminated with human or animal waste."

The Great Lakes WATER Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee says, however, that sewage overflows are not the primary cause of beach advisories and closings.

The main causes at many Milwaukee-area beaches are waste from gulls and storm water runoff...

Remember: it is a Federal crime to shoot seagulls. The Pointy-Headed Experts on All Things have made these water-rats a protected species.

So they can poop on your beaches, cars, buildings, and lawns, of course.

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