Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cantor "Pre-Caving" On Budget Cuts?

Quinn Hillyer is more than a little agitated about this quote from Cantor reported by Stiles/NRO:

He [Cantor] simply suggests that House Republicans stick to the spending levels called for in the recent debt-ceiling deal, as opposed to trying to push for deeper cuts.“While all of us would like to have seen a lower discretionary appropriations ceiling for the upcoming fiscal year, the debt limit agreement did set a level of spending that is a real cut from the current year level,” Cantor writes. “I believe it is in our interest to enact into law full-year appropriations bills at this new lower level.”

IOW, various appropriations for next FY are being debated now, and Cantor just told the Pubbies to 'stick to the debt-deal's numbers' rather than actually do the work of appropriating.

And these dolts wonder why Conservatives are disgusted, frustrated, and don't trust any of 'em?

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