Thursday, August 18, 2011

DNR to Manage Itself!

This is going to be a bellwether.

The state Department of Natural Resources announced a restructuring plan that officials say will make the agency more responsive to the public but won't lead to an easing of environmental regulation.

The administration of Gov. Scott Walker will announce Thursday that it's agreed to give the DNR more autonomy than other agencies to manage its fleet of vehicles and to oversee building projects on properties across Wisconsin.

Among other things, DNR says this will help it to:

Simplify regulatory approvals to help speed a growing backlog of applications of water and air permits.

Realign management so employees answer to supervisors in their fields of expertise, rather than a supervisor with no knowledge of their work.

Increase the hours for public service.

What makes this a 'bellwether'?  The re-org follows suggestions made by DNR employees, who know what should/should not be done.  If these moves increase performance while 'bending the cost-curve down,' Sec. Stepp will deserve every plaudit she will get.

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