Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vicki McKenna: "The Debt Deal Was a Bill of Goods"

Well, yah, Vicki, it was a s*&^ sandwich.

And who was defending it?

Boehner and Paul Ryan.


Tim Morrissey said...

I keep forgetting that those of you in the Milwaukee area are now treated to a few hours of the shreiking wench (primarly because Clear Channel can't afford the interest on its loans and has to stretch their programming staff to cover two markets).

Wonder what you folks in/around Milwaukee who listen to Vicki think about her referring to Tommy Thompson (a democrat by any operative definition of the term) as an "old guard Republican".

Dad29 said...

TT IS an 'old guard Republican,' Tim.

Big Spender, Big State-Payroll Adder, Big Bonder. And of course, he "stuck it to us" with the Bud Selig tax.

Doesn't fit the 21st Century.