Monday, January 17, 2011

What Is "Progress", Senator Johnson?


After traveling to Pakistan and Afghanistan this past weekend with other GOP lawmakers, freshman Sen. Ron Johnson said Monday he comes away more hopeful about the U.S. mission there.

“We’ve sacrificed so many lives and so many dollars in this effort, and it’s such an important effort in terms of our national security, we have to see this thing through. And I honestly believe if we see this thing through, I believe we can do it,” Johnson told reporters in a conference call from Afghanistan at the end of his trip.

And just what would "it" be? Establishing a constitutional republic? Eliminating all of AlQuaeda? Getting Afghanistan off the dope-and-goats economy?

Senator, with all due respect, some things must be defined clearly. You know the drill--the left-hand and right-hand sides have to balance.

American lives and fortune balances.......what......exactly?

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John Foust said...

You voted for him, right?