Friday, January 07, 2011

The Time Is NOW To Run Ads in Illinois

Dear Governor Walker,

You may commence fire (that is, run ads stating that "Wisconsin Is Open For Business") in Illinois today!

Springfield sources are confirming that Democratic legislative leaders and Gov. Pat Quinn have struck a deal to almost double the state income tax, boosting the individual levy from 3% now to 5.25% and hiking the corporate rate to 8.4% -- the highest of any state in the union.

Peoria would be a nice market, and then there's Chicago.

Mayor Daley pleaded with Gov. Quinn on Wednesday to veto a bill that, the mayor warned, would choke Chicago homeowners and businesses with a $550 million property tax increase in 2015 to solve the city’s pension crisis.

Don't worry about 'where to put those folks.' We'll find a space.

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