Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sheriff Dupa, Dupnik, Dipstick, Whatever

The dipsydoodle mouth-without-brain in Pima County managed to screw it up SO badly that the local TEA Party leader has been getting death threats.

And yes, "dupa" has a meaning to folks of the Polish extraction.

It's possible that Dupa's mouth-a-rrhea will be used to exculpate the tango, too.

And then there's that FOIA stuff, you know, demanding records of previous Sheriff's Department contacts with the serial death-threatener/atheist/wacko.

Good work, Dipstick.


TerryN said...

Makes Barney Fife look like Buford Pusser.

Dupnik will also wind up assisting Loughner's defense, intentionally or not.

Jim said...

I've been getting death threats, too. You believe me don't you?