Saturday, January 01, 2011

Priebus' Scarred Body


Another hit-piece on Priebus based on his lawfirm's advice-giving.

Two observations:

1) Priebus could not possibly anticipate (nor review, nor veto) all the stupidity that the RNC engaged in under the current regime. "General Counsel" does not spend 24x7 at RNC headquarters. Competence is expected from the Chair and management. General Counsel's job-description does not, nor should not include " the only adult in the office."

Draw your own conclusions.

2) Priebus' partner gives a "how-to" lecture on the topic of Dealing With ObamaCare.


If I run a business, we're expected to follow the law. ObamaCare IS the law; implementation began in 2010, and will continue for the next several months--at least. Thus, I will pay outside counsel to tell me exactly what I must do to avoid Federal prison.

Actually, I'd expect that sort of advice from Priebus, too--even though both of us have serious doubts about its Constitutionality AND many of its provisions. At $400.00/hour, he damn well better give me advice that keeps me out of prison.


3) Despite the scurrilous, inane, puerile, and mean-spirited flapjaw (which gives rise to the suspicion that there's a lot of (D) paternity somewhere in the genes), note that Priebus has not responded in kind.

So, given that Hoft of St Louis is pushing most of this crap, and there IS a Missouri candidate, what are we to infer about 'who has principles' in this whole tempest?

One thing for sure: Hoft will not tell us who's encouraging his activity.


neomom said...

Breitbart and Red State have taken the theme and run with it as well. Some of the comments on those threads are cringe worthy.

I honestly don't know all that much about Priebus, but this is a bit smelly...But when ThinkProgress and the Paul-nuts hate the same guy, he might be worthy of another look.

I don't like the circular firing squad feel to this either.

Dad29 said...

Wanted to get into the mix at RedState, but I haven't registered there.

You're doing the right thing.

It's not that I really give a rip; I'm a conservative, not a Republican. I'm disappointed in the way that SOME (R)s are fighting this battle.

John Foust said...

Really, Dad29? You've voted for which party's candidates? Not Republicans?