Monday, January 03, 2011

Obey: "You're All STUPID!!"

Dave Obey has as little use for you people as he does for his Church.

"The mood of the country was . . .  'Don't bother me with the facts.' And I just got sick of banging my head against the wall, trying to explain to people why TARP was necessary, why the stimulus was necessary and why the health care bill was the right thing to do," says Obey, 72, about his decision to retire.

"The conditions were not present this time around to have a conversation with people about anything, because people were just so damn frustrated and so scared about the economy that you couldn't talk common sense to people.

Actually, Dave, we were tired of your paternalistic arrogance.

"In this place, money is poured in against you by all kinds of special interests who are pissed off with decisions that you've made. And the money that comes at us is masked . . .  The Supreme Court has now made it possible for corporations to buy and own the Congress of the United States by contributing whatever the hell they want to the political campaign fights, and they do it anonymously. So the system is damn near destroyed."

Unmnnnhhhhhh, yah. No mention of the money poured in FOR Davey and the Statists, like from the NEA, AFSCME, trial lawyers.

Nope. The only money was from bad guys.


..."When I came here most of the problem was on the left, with the anti-war types . . .  about a third (of them) hated the war so much, hated (Lyndon) Johnson, hated (Speaker John) McCormack, even if you agreed with them on the subject, if you had different ideas about how to go about it, you were 'morally defective' . . .  It goes in cycles, and right now it's the right wing that destroys the ability of people to sit down and work (together) for the most part."

Actually, Dave, your facilitation of abortion with Federal taxpayer money IS morally defective in the first degree. But then, your priorities differ.

The actual Obey:

"Senators tell me, 'Obey, keep your damn nose out of our business.' Well by God, week after week they screw up what we're trying to do because only in the United States Senate, if you get a majority, do you lose.

Who needs a Constitution when we have Dave, the Magnificent, the Learned, the .....



Paul - Berry Laker said...

Obey's just a crabby old liberal dem who's time came to go.

And it couldn't happen at a better time. Hasta la vista, baby.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

He's a s__t bag.

Anonymous said...

Obey's a good man and accomplished more than you two tools.

Update your blog, NCT!

Dad29 said...

Oh, yes, he told us all about his accomplishments.

The PorkFest for his district is one.

And the babykilling. Don't forget that accomplishment!

neomom said...

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Obey's accomplishment.

Wonder why it didn't really - you know - stimulate the economy? Because Obey committed generational theft on a massive scale and pulled out every friggin' spending program that liberal progressive tools like him had wanted to push through for 40 years but couldn't and stuffed it into ARRA.

He is an old hippie that hasn't held a real job since the VietNam war. And he's lecturing us?

I only wish he had to give up his cushy government benefits so that he has to deal with the same elderly care that ObamaCare will provide to my parents.

Jim said...

"Who needs a Constitution when we have Dave" Are you referring to the part of the Constitution which requires a 60-vote super-majority to pass a bill?

"Wonder why it didn't really - you know - stimulate the economy?"

Umm, because it did. Checked your stock portfolio lately? Yes unemployment is pretty bad, but most economists agree it would have been much worse without the "Stimulus."

neomom said...

Stocks are up because the Fed policy with QE2 were to push money into the stock market.

Has nothing at all to do with Porkulus. 'Cept we are an extra Trillion in the hole.

Dad29 said...

Jim, are you actually older than 12?

You REALLY don't want to measure Porkulus' success by the NYSE.

First off, it's not anything NEAR a cause/effect.

Artificially low interest rates may have something to do with it...for starters.

Jim said...

Dad, are you actually a dick? You can't prove that the stimulus wasn't effective.

Mom, I believe the stock market has been going gangbusters for nearly two years before QE2 in November of 2010.

neomom said...

As dad stated, the stock market is not a sign of economic health. It was in 14's not too long before the crash in 2008 and I'm pretty sure the house of cards was being built before then.

Also not sure I would say "gangbusters". The losses haven't been made up yet. And QE2 is building another house of cards.

The fact that they even did QE2 should tell you the stimulus failed. It didn't do anything except prop up state and federal workers. With that logic, the blizzard a couple of weeks ago was a stimulus. Even Obama came out with the fact that there were no "shovel-ready" projects.