Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Next Boondoggle (Taxpayer Paid, of Course)

If it can happen here, it'll happen anywhere....

New York City ---The grasping green giant [EPA] intends to go into about 740 city schools to sniff out PCBs, the supposedly toxic chemical found in old caulking and light fixtures.

No doubt it’ll find plenty — the stuff is ubiquitous — and then the fun will begin. Think of it as the cleanup job from hell.

...Under federal pressure, school officials closed 10 classrooms in Staten Island last week as the EPA tested lights for PCBs, which were banned in 1979.

The EPA seeks to shutter hundreds more schools in a costly, pointless hunt for PCBs.

Costly, because it’ll run the city $1 billion and leave thousands of students adrift.

Pointless, because officials still can’t muster any evidence that PCBs in such small quantities are actually harmful.

Ryan's List material if there ever was any.

HT: AmSpecBlog

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Science BAD! Hulk CRUSH!