Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Measure of a Man

Judge Roll must have been quite a man indeed (See below for absolute proof).

...Friday I tried to attend his funeral mass. Tried, because there were several thousand attendees, and the couple that I know that got in showed up three hours early. I parked a good quarter mile off -- not only the church parking lot was filled, but every street for that distance. Walking, I met groups returning, because they had been turned back; there simply was no more room, and this may be the largest RC church in southern Arizona. My sister and brother in law found there was a shuttle bus running from a location about a mile away but they, too, were turned back. Newspapers said that several thousand showed up for the funeral mass.

That reminds me of the funeral Mass for a prominent local banker with whom I was privileged to associate for a few years. Ugly weather (cold, windy, humid) did not prevent hundreds of people from standing in line outside the church for 40-60 minutes, waiting to get in to pay their respects.

Good men are rare and we miss them most when we lose them.

By coincidence, I met a fellow today who knew the Judge; he was in a 'prosecutor's class' conducted by the judge in the mid-1980's. This fellow also spoke very highly of the man.

Requiesca in pace, judex!

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