Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is Boehner Up To the Job?

When Boehner backed off the "$100BN savings" line, reducing it to "$60BN", I was content to buy the explanation that the FY would be half-over before any cuts could be made.

When Boehner failed to name ONE area of 'cuts in Government', I was content to let it pass, as it's never good strategy to let your opponents know where you're going to attack.

(Disclaimer: the above line was not intended to fuel a salvia-sucking Zeitgeist-addicted psychotic into gunplay.)

Now we learn that Boehner submarined a few rules-reforms proposed by Paul Ryan, which were designed to spend less/save more Federal tax dollars.

Maybe Boehner should spend less time in the tanning booth and a little more time running the Fed Budget numbers. I know, that requires math.

But the "math" of going out of power in 24 months should be factored in, John.


Anonymous said...

The short answer is No. He's far too busy weeping, tanning, golfing, and cuddling up with corporate lobbyists.

But what'd ya expect daddio? Surely you didn't see the Boner as cut from tall timber.

Tim Morrissey said...

Not. Up. To. The. Job.